Stacking blocks on the camping

Stacking blocks make sure that the caravan stands stable during the time you are at the campsite.
To find the “perfect matching” foot for your stacking blocks can be tricky, because each type of stacking block has been designed differently.

Haba has designed the stacking block set ‘Carastack Plus’ to perfectly fit the ‘Carafoot Plus’.

The ‘Carafoot Plus’ has to be attached underneath the supports of your caravan.
The ‘Carafoot Plus’ features a steel metal pin and safety clip.
The bottom of the ‘Carafoot Plus’ has a nonslip surface, to prevent it from shifting.
Easily click the ‘Carastack Plus’ to the ‘Carafoot Plus’ and stabilize your caravan.

Technical information

The ‘Carastack Plus’ has a total maximum height of 18cm (4pcs in 1 stack).
Maximum weight per Carafoot for the ‘Carafoot Plus’ is 850kg.

Wondering how easy the Carafoot Plus and Carastack Plus can be installed under the caravan supports?
View the instruction videos here!

Carafoot Plus 7601000

Carastack plus 7601060