HABA is market leader in the field of, among others,
steps (single or double) for caravans/campers.
Several years ago we were confronted by customers with the fact that on softer surfaces,
the legs of the step would sink into the ground.
Sometimes even damaging the ground cloth and tent carpet.
In addition, it is annoying when the step stands askew and unsteady.

That is why at the time, HABA started with the development of Stepfoots,
for the various HABA steps (steel and aluminum).
The difficulty was that at the same time it had to have an adjustable base,
while taking into account possible heavy loads up to 150kg.
After various prototypes and models, HABA ultimately succeeded
in creating a good and safe solution to the problem present.


HABA is continuously working on product improvements
for the leisure industry, either in usability as in safety.
We have a specialist design team, which uses 3D drawing
programs and a private 3D print facility.
This allows us to quickly develop prototypes and assess
with the customer if the product adds value for the end consumer.